2021-05-11 06:26News

EasyMining partners with Alfa Laval


EasyMining has signed a partner agreement with Alfa Laval, a world leader in heat transfer, centrifugal separation and fluid handling, to develop new processes and technologies to extract commercially valuable products from waste materials and enable circular solutions. 

Alfa Laval’s expertise in mechanical and thermal separation will ensure waste minimization, zero liquid discharge and chemical reuse within EasyMining’s processes. These include extracting phosphorus and other resources from incinerated sewage sludge and producing clean road salt and fertilizers from hazardous ash. The aim of the partnership is to continue to develop new and more efficient treatments for different waste streams. 
– This partnership combine Alfa Laval’s technology expertise with EasyMining’s innovative processes to accelerate sustainable solutions for the circular economy. With these processes it will be possible to transform waste into valuable products again, which is a key step in building a more sustainable society, says Susanne Pahlén Åklundh, President of the Energy Division.

– With the cooperation with Alfa Laval we see the possibility of speeding up the development and commercialization of our processes, which is important for innovation companies. We also see great value in Alfa Laval’s expertise in specific projects since separation technologies are important in many of our processes, says Jan Svärd, CEO of EasyMining.


About EasyMining

EasyMining is an innovation company dedicated to closing nutrient cycles. We are owned by the Swedish environmental company Ragn-Sells. We are passionate about inventing new technology that uses intelligent chemical solutions to close nutrient cycles. Our objective is to create new circular material flows in an efficient commercial way.