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Phosphorus in focus at the next “Circular Table Talk” 

Circular Table Talk “Unlocking Circularity: The Crucial Role of Governments” Circular Table Talk “Unlocking Circularity: The Crucial Role of Governments”

In a special episode of Ragn-Sells’ broadcast series “Circular Table Talks”, from the Swedish Embassy in Berlin, the spotlight is set on recovering critical nutrients like Phosphorous and Nitrogen from waste flows. Participants include the Swedish ambassador to Germany Mr. Per Thöresson, EasyMining’s CEO Jan Svärd, and Managing Director in Germany Christian Kabbe are invited. The episode will be broadcasted on Tuesday, January 24, 2023 

Without nutrients such as phosphorus and nitrogen, global agricultural output would be cut in half. Wastewater from households and industries contains massive amounts of both phosphorus and nitrogen, but today, this is a problem rather than an asset. This even though phosphorus, listed by the EU as a critical raw material, can be recovered from the sludge and brought back into the loop, securing an endless supply. Nitrogen can be captured from wastewater streams and used to produce fertiliser, replacing today’s greenhouse gas-heavy production. 

These breakthroughs, together with panel discussions, will be set in the spotlight in the next Circular Table Talk “Unlocking Circularity: The Crucial Role of Governments” which will be broadcasted on Tuesday, January 24 from the Swedish embassy in Berlin.  

Opening remarks by Mr. Per Thöresson, the Swedish ambassador to Germany.  


Circular Table Talks is a series, brought to you by the environmental company Ragn-Sells and WeDontHaveTime. The series explore new and exciting ideas that have the potential to benefit people, the planet and build green economies locally and globally. Bringing together experts on the circular economy, showing examples of projects applying these principles in real life, and challenging preconceived notions of what is and isn't waste.

About EasyMining

EasyMining is an innovation company dedicated to closing nutrient cycles. We are owned by the Swedish environmental company Ragn-Sells. Our objective is to create new circular material flows in an efficient commercial way. We do this by inventing and implementing new technology that uses chemical solutions to recycle important materials. www.easymining.se


Emma Ranerfors
Press Officer
Emma Ranerfors